Frequently Asked Questions from Our Shoppers


How do I purchase a vehicle online?

Once you find the car you want, simply click ”Buy this Car” on the vehicle details page of the vehicle of your choice to start placing an order. Once you have finalized your selections, trade-in and finance options our on-line store Concierge will be then able to start the finance and delivery process

What's next after I finish the online process to start my purchase?

Our team will verify the information you provided for your purchase, look at any documents you have uploaded if any, and review the details of your purchase and any trade-in and finance information. We will let you know if we need any further information before confirming your delivery

When is the latest I can purchase a "Direct Care" protection plan?

Auction Direct offers several “Direct Care” extended warranty and service agreement plans at extra cost. You can add “Direct Care” up until your scheduled delivery or pick-up. After accepting your vehicle, you may still be able to purchase additional coverage depending on several factors. Contact your Auction Direct Concierge for further details.

How will I know when my scheduled pick-up or delivery is confirmed?

Your Concierge will contact you directly to confirm. All delivery times and arrangements are discussed with your personal Auction Direct Concierge for a personal touch and to avoid any confusion!

How do I change my payment option?

If you have not yet scheduled a delivery or completed the purchase transaction process with your Concierge, payment terms can be changed right on www.AuctionDirectOnline.com using your personal login. Or your concierge can change it for you!

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Can I trade in a vehicle?

Yes! From our web site we can provide you with an offer for your vehicle that is valid for 7 days. All firm price offers are always subject to final inspection of your vehicle by Auction Direct.

Are there any requirements my trade-in must meet?

Yes. Auction Direct will accept your vehicle as a trade-in if it is in good running condition, the odometer is in working order and we are able to safely perform an evaluation drive.

Can I sell my vehicle to Auction Direct without buying a car from you?

Yes. If you live within one of our local market areas and you can meet us in person then you can absolutely sell us your car and we may even pick it up! You can get your trade-value offer on our website by clicking here. Trade appraisals are valid for 7 day and are subject to final evaluation by Auction Direct.

Will the trade-in value I receive from Auction Direct change?

The trade-in offer you receive from Auction Direct is valid for 7 days. If the vehicle condition and information you entered was accurate then the offer will not change.

Can I trade-in more than one vehicle on the same purchase?

Typically, only one trade vehicle can be applied as “trade-in credit” on any one individual vehicle purchase transaction. However if you have a second vehicle, we may be able to buy it outright! Contact your Concierge for more details

If I traded in my vehicle but want it back during my 7-day Return or Replace Guarantee what do I do?

Auction Direct will hold onto all trade-ins during the 7-day Return or Replace Guarantee just for these scenarios. If you return your Auction Direct vehicle and had traded in a vehicle to us we will return your trade to you.

*Read Me!--Auction Direct will keep your trade-in vehicle only during your first 7 Day Return or Replace time period. If you choose to swap it for a different Auction Direct vehicle we will not keep your trade-in vehicle past those initial 7 days.

Will you price match or negotiate on my trade value?

Since our first store opened in 2005 Auction Direct strives to provide a haggle-free/hassle-free pricing and purchase experience for our customers, so we provide our best offer up front! Many of our competitors give you a higher trade-in value by “padding” the price of their vehicles for sale. With technology and our unique process Auction Direct strives to provide you the very best in-market pricing on our vehicles as well as the best, most competitive offers for your trade-in while ensuring full transparency for your peace of mind. However, if you have found the same vehicle to purchase for less elsewhere, please see our price match guarantee page here.

What documentation is required to sell my car to Auction Direct?

We will ask you to provide photos of the current odometer (mileage) reading, vehicle title (State specific) and the driver's licenses of all individuals listed on the title or registration. Any other required documentation may depend on whether you own the vehicle outright or have a lien (outstanding loan amount) on that vehicle.

If you own the vehicle outright, we will need:

  • A picture of the front and back of your trade title. Please be sure all lines and any signatures are clear and legible.
If you have a lien on your vehicle:
  • A photo of your vehicle's 10-day payoff statement required.
  • A photo of the registration receipt and sticker (if available, State specific)
Please note: All parties listed on the title will need to be present at the time of delivery.
*If your vehicle has “negative equity” we will need a photo of certified funds/check for this negative equity amount. Please speak with your Auction Direct Concierge before getting this check so we can tell you the exact amount owed.

What is meant by "negative equity"?

Negative equity is when you owe more on your current outstanding vehicle loan balance than the actual value of that vehicle, or the “ACV” (actual cash value), based on our appraisal.

For example, if you still owe your bank $10,000 for your current vehicle and Auction Direct appraises your vehicle's value at $8,000, your “negative-equity” would be $2,000, the difference between the lien and the value.

If I sell my car to Auction Direct how will I be paid?

Auction Direct will provide you with an actual check at the time of pick-up or drop-off. However, if your vehicle is not in the same condition as stated during the online appraisal, we may need to adjust the total amount and reschedule your pick-up/payment appointment. As mentioned above, all final trade values are subject to inspection by an Auction Direct Team member.

How will my remaining balance be paid off on my trade-in vehicle?

Trade-in vehicles with current liens (remaining bank loan balances) will be paid off once the sale is completed and after your 7-Day Return or Replace period. If you choose to exchange vehicles during your 7-Day guarantee period we will delay paying off your trade until the end of your second 7-Day Return or Replace Guarantee. If you have a payment due within your 7-Day Return or Replace Guarantee, please make the payment as scheduled and your current lien holder will reimburse you for any overpayment once the vehicle is paid.

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Are Auction Direct's vehicle prices negotiable?

As a “one-price” business model Auction Direct does not negotiate on pricing; as all of our vehicles are priced using highly sophisticated marketing software and as such prices are designed to be as competitive as possible and “Best In-Market”. Additionally, we do not add “dealer” or “prep” fees. However, documentation (“DOC”) fees and/or shipping fees will apply when necessary/appropriate and in those states where they are applicable and considered “standard practice”, in all cases any fees incumbered will be fully disclosed and made completely transparent.

What does my "Total Purchase Price" include?

Your final “total purchase price” is calculated in the purchase process and will include:
  • The selling price of the vehicle,
  • Your local taxes*, title and registration fees,
  • A Dealer documentation (“doc”) fee if applicable, (State specific)
  • Any extras you choose to add, such as a Vehicle Service Contract or GAP coverage.
  • There may also be a delivery fee based on the address chosen for delivery.

*Missouri and Oklahoma residents are required to notify their State DMVs of their vehicle purchases. As such, Auction Direct will not collect or pay taxes on customers’ behalf. Residents of MO and OK may be required to pay all applicable taxes, title, and registration fees directly to their state agencies. (Fees vary depending on location of registration and are State specific).

How Does Financing Work?


If I live outside of your delivery region what are my options?

Please refer to the shipping map located on our website to estimate the cost of delivery outside our local markets or free delivery area. A chart showing your estimated shipping costs can be seen by clicking HERE. For deliveries outside of our free shipping zones we may need to arrange delivery with a third party transport company. We will keep you updated on the estimated time of arrival for delivery of your vehicle. Please understand that additional delivery fees and time frames may vary based on your location. All payments, CODs, and paperwork must be completed prior to delivery. To speak to one of our Sales Concierges, you can call (336) 310-5500. For more shipping information - click HERE.

What is the process for my out-of-area Auction Direct delivery?

Please allow 5 to 14 business days for your vehicle to be delivered to your home or office. Please understand this is only an estimate as delivery variables may change. Other factors that may effect delivery are mechanical failure, bad weather, and out of area locations. Once your paperwork has been completed, any contracts signed, and any funds received, our delivery coordinator will arrange the following:
  1. Final Inspection - Our team will verify that the 125-point checklist has been completed, the vehicle has been safety inspected, detailed and sanitized for delivery.
  2. Prepare for Launch - After the inspection has been completed, all paperwork has been verified, our Auction Direct Delivery Coordinator will then arrange pickup with our specially-equipped rollback flatbed vehicle carrier -- no extra miles driven on your new car!
  3. In Transit - Once your vehicle is on its way, you will be notified by your Sales Concierge.
  4. Arrival - Please provide your Delivery Coordinator and Sales Concierge with at least two contact names and phone numbers to ensure someone will be available to accept delivery of your new vehicle.
  5. Tags and Registration - Any registration documents should arrive prior to your vehicle delivery. Please contact your Sales Concierge for any questions regarding vehicle registration and/or DMV documents.

How does my out-of-area delivery differ from the typical Auction Direct experience?

Depending on certain factors such as distance, out-of-area delivery, delivery by a third party transportation company, the 7-Day Return or Replace Guarantee may not apply. Please contact your Sales Concierge for questions regarding this.

All contracts and paperwork must be signed, insurance coverage made effective and any funds due must be received prior to the transportation of your vehicle. If you are mailing us certified funds, (IE: cashier’s check, Credit Union check, etc.), our Sales Concierge will inform you of the procedure.

For most out-of-area delivery sales transactions we may not be able to add a trade-in to your purchase. However, you are welcome to meet us at one of our Used Vehicle Superstore locations to complete a purchase with a trade-in. Please contact your Auction Direct Concierge for more details about setting up in-person delivery.

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Does Auction Direct offer any warranties or protections?

Yes! Auction Direct offers a complimentary 30-day/1,000-mile Limited Warranty on every vehicle we sell. We also offer a 7-Day Return or Replace Guarantee within our free delivery area, so that you can return or exchange if the car is not right for you. Additionally,, we offer several products to extend coverage beyond the expiration of manufacturer’s warranty. Please consult with your Auction Direct Concierge for more details regarding extended coverage options.

What is the Limited Warranty?

Every vehicle we sell comes with a complimentary Limited Warranty that is valid for 30 days or 1,000 miles, whichever comes first. This warranty covers Basic Engine, some Mechanical and Powertrain components. Please note; there may be a co-pay to file a warranty claim outside of an Auction Direct-owned service and repair shop. Please contact your Concierge for more details regarding repairs needed during the Limited Warranty period.

What is "Direct Care"?

Many of our vehicles are eligible for an optional, extended “Direct Care” protection plan at additional cost. This comprehensive extended coverage plan can cover both basic and powertrain components, includes roadside assistance, has a low $100 deductible, and coverage begins the day you receive your vehicle. Please contact your Auction Direct Concierge for full details regarding optional coverage.

What is not covered by the Limited Warranty and "Direct Care"?

As with nearly all pre-owned vehicle standard coverages, the basic items not covered by the Limited Warranty and “Direct Care” plans are cosmetic damage, defects or flaws, damage caused by accidents, “wear and tear” items such as wiper blades, tires, brake pads, etc. and, regular maintenance items

How do I file a repair claim during my Limited Warranty coverage?

Your Limited Warranty coverage can be provided by either Auction Direct and/or a warranty provider. To open a warranty claim during the 30-Day Limited Warranty period, the service advisor at a dealership or a licensed technician may contact us directly at 1-855-397-1400 to provide a diagnostic on the vehicle's issues, discuss the needed repair and costs and to verify the claim. Repairs needed during the coverage period of “Direct Care” or other optional extended coverage product you will be asked to file the claim directly with the warranty provider.

Does Auction Direct offer GAP Coverage?

Yes! Optional GAP Coverage is available for Auction Direct customers who finance their purchases through us in all states, with the exception of Colorado, Indiana, Oregon, New York, and Washington DC.

For Texas customers to be eligible for GAP Coverage, a minimum financed amount must be at least $15,900 or greater.

What if I need repairs on my vehicle that is still covered by the manufacturer's warranty?

Please take your vehicle to its local manufacturer Dealership repair facility for diagnostics and repairs.

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