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Do you ever wonder how people who have friends in the car business always seem to get first pick?

That's because they get first in line for the fresh inventory that comes into the dealership Direct from the Auction before most people even know it's for sale!

Now YOU have the chance to be first in line with's "Pre-Order Today" option! We have pulled back the curtain on our inventory and for the first time you can now Pre-Order newly-acquired vehicles during their reconditioning process at the Best In-Market Price.

How it works….

Just call, email or place an order online for one of our Pre-Order vehicles and secure it with a $300 FULLY REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT with one of our Sales Concierges...and now you're fist in line! This process will allow us to put your car at the head of the line for reconditioning and start the purchase process with delivery direct to you. This ensures your reservation and allows you to have first chance at purchasing your vehicle. This gives you, our customer, the first right-of-purchase and first right-of-refusal as soon as it is fully reconditioned.

What is done with the car once I place it on hold with the FULLY REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT?

We then go to work on the car for you! Our reconditioning center will perform a 125 multi-point inspection and complete a Quality Assurance Checklist. From road test to mechanical inspection your vehicle will be inspected and then fully reconditioned inside and out. During reconditioning, it will be determined if any parts need to be replaced or ordered, and completion of any maintenance needing to be done. State safety inspection and detail is preformed and the vehicle will be made ready for delivery.

Does the 125 multi-point inspection and complete Quality Assurance Checklist include cosmetic repair on my car?

Yes and No! We understand that while your vehicle needs to perform at or above manufacturer's standards, it also must look great! Our reconditioning process often includes paintless dent and ding repair, paint touch-up, deodorizing, wheel resurfacing, minor collision/paint/body repair if needed and our complete professional detail, inside and out!

How long with all this take?

The process from acquisition and transport to our reconditioning facility all the way through to the time it is ready for delivery can usually take between 3-5 weeks depending on a multitude of factors including, but not limited to: parts availability, transportation, and time for maintence and repairs

Do all cars pass your 125 multi-point inspection and complete a Quality Assurance Checklist?

A certain percentage of the vehicles we acquire will not pass the inspection process. This means we do not feel comfortable selling vehicles that we deem are unsafe, all for your protection. This applies to our own team members and employees! If that is the case with your Pre-Ordered vehicle we will then notify you and help you find you a different vehicle or refund your deposit.

What guarantees do I have that I am not buying a "pig in a poke"?

At any time in the process, you can have your FULLY REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT refunded for any reason. We would simply make that vehicle available for other Pre-Order customers. Once we go through the entire process and the vehicle is delivered to your driveway we give you a 7-day in-home test-drive with our 7-Day Return or Replace Guarantee.

What if I cannot wait 3 weeks or longer for my vehicle?

Simply let one of the Sales Concierges know this and they will go to work helping you find a vehicle that is retail-ready and can be delivered direct to your driveway within a few days.

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